New Syllabi Updates as of 16 August, 2016

Dear Contestants and Friends of USOMC,

We are excited about this year’s upcoming competition and want to ensure that the syllabi are as clear as possible. Therefore after more review, we have made further clarifications to the updated syllabi of our last post. The new updates have been highlighted in blue in the syllabi and will still include the prior updates in yellow:

New updates as of 16Aug16 will include:

1. Open Solo Level 6: clarification of the music for level 6C Faure: Claire de Lune

2. Treasury of Classical Elementary: corrected the key signature for piece #2. Should be A Minor instead of G Major

3. Treasury of Classical Intermediate: clarification of the key signatures for pieces #4 and 5 and noted of the book for these two pieces

4. Treasury of  Romantic Senior: correction for piece #6. Previously shown wrong piece. Should be Op. 27 #1

5. Open Duet Baroque Junior: Note of articulation and wrong notes in the printed music version

Please find the syllabi in the ‘2017 Competition’ tab of the menu. Thank you.

Best Regards,


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