USOMC 2016 Concert Performances

Dear Contestants, Parents, Teachers, and Friends:

The Concert Video links from the final weekend of USOMC 2016 are now available to view and/or download. I hope you will enjoy watching and sharing these wonderful performances. Please also take time to watch and listen to other performers. Listening is a critical part of musical development. You might find interesting pieces you want to play in the future, or you might even hear a new way to play a piece you already know.

Thank you for your participation in our competition. We know that it takes a lot of hard work by the contestants, as well as great effort on behalf of families and teachers. We are grateful for your support of us and for your support of your children. They are so talented and so lucky to be involved in the world of music!

Thank you again. I look forward to seeing you next year at USOMC 2017.

Lamae Loo

President USOMC

Videos are uploaded at 1080p resolution. If you find that video is not playing at blue-ray quality or you have to wait for the loading a lot, please consider downloading the video to your desktop. You could do a right mouse click on the contestants’ name and do a “Save Link As” to save video onto your desktop. Rest of the concerts will be uploaded once they become available. Please check this page from time to time.

    Saturday, February 20, 2016 – CONCERT 1

    1 Open Duet Romantic Preparatory Edwin Li & Alfred Li Bruckner: Andante in G Major, No.1 from Little Piece
    2 1A – Open Solo Chancie Chou Thompson: Spring Song
    3 1B – Open Solo Emma Wang Turk: A Dance
    4 Open Duet Contemporary Preparatory Victoria Truong & Matthew Loo Bastien : Comin’ Round the Mountain
    5 1C – Open Solo Timothy Deng Scarmolin: Early One Morning
    6 1D – Open Solo Timothy Deng Glover: Let’s March
    7 Open Duet Classical Preparatory Evangeline Lin & Jonathan Kong Turk:Dance in G Major
    8 2A – Open Solo Esther Kim Telemann: Rigaudon
    9 2B – Open Solo Anand Ragavan Leopold Mozart: Burleske
    10 Open Duet Contemporary Elementary Michael Yang & Adrian Chuang Gretchaninov : Op.98 #15 The Little General
    11 2C – Open Solo Eleanor Yu Procter: Pogo Stick
    12 2D – Open Solo Claire Yuh Waxman: Scherzo
    13 Open Duet Romantic Elementary Everett Gensler & Harriet Gensler Schumann : Op.15 #7 Traumerei in F Major
    14 Treasury of Baroque Composers Elementary Eleanor Yu Lully: Minuet in D Minor
    15 Treasury of Classical Composers Elementary Owen Chen Haydn: German Dance in G Major
    16 Treasury of Romantic Composers Elementary Angeline Lai Gerstein: Serious Thoughts
    17 Open Duet Classical Elementary Chiara Thendean & Celicia Thendean Diabelli : Allegretto in G Major, Op.149 #9
    18 Treasury of Contemporary Composers Elementary Amelia Chen Bartok: Children’s Bk.1 #15, Allegro in D Major
    19 Treasury of USA Composers Elementary Xi Ya Sun George: Banjo Tune in C Major
    20 Treasury of Chinese Composers Preparatory Anitra Fang T. Sang桑: Flower Song, #12 from 22 Miao Folk song花歌 in B Minor
    21 Open Duet Contemporary Junior Malik Wu & Adam Wu Bastien : Rondo Fantastique in C Major
    22 Treasury of Baroque Composers Junior Michelle Kong Scarlatti: Sonata K.89b in D Minor, L.211
    23 Treasury of Classical Composers Junior Sabrina Ning Haydn: Finale (4th mvt) from Sonata Hob.XVI:6 in G Major
    24 Treasury of Romantic Composers Junior Celicia Thendean Burgmuller: Austrian Dance Op.100 #14 in G Major
    25 Open Duet Classical Junior Michelle Kong & Gracia Chen Clementi : Allegro from Duettino in C #1
    26 Treasury of Contemporary Composers Junio Ashley Wang Bartok: Children’s Bk.1 #27, Scherzo in D Major
    27 Treasury of USA Composers Junior Group Amelia Yu Beach: Op.25 #1 Promenade in C Major
    28 Treasury of Chinese Composers Junior Emma Lin T. Sang桑: Children’s Dance, #5 from 7 Inner Mongolia Folk song孩子们的舞蹈 in E Major
    29 Open Duet Romantic Junior Audrey Shen & Adeline Shen Schumann : Op.85 #3 Garden Melody in A Major
    30 Showcase Piano Solo Preparatory Abigail Wang Bach: March in D Major BWV Anh 122
    31 Instrumental Solo Elementary Dustin Breshears Bach: Preludio from Partita III BWV 1006 in E Major
    32 Showcase Piano Duet/Ensemble Junior Elementary-Junio Harriet Gensler & Annabel Gensler Schubert: Allegro vivace fro Marche Militaire Op.51 #1
    33 Showcase Piano Solo Elementary Nathaniel Zhang Mozart: Allegro moderato from Sonata K.330 in C Major
    34 Instrumental Solo Junior Stephen Nishi* Sarasate: Zigeunerweisen (Gypsy Airs) Op.20 #1

      Saturday, February 20, 2016 – CONCERT 2

    1 Showcase Piano Duo/Ensemble Junior Elementary-Junior Nicole Ho & Carolyn Tran Alexander: Andante amorevole from Cincertante in G Major
    2 3A – Open Solo Vinca Lu CPE Bach: Allegro in G Major
    3 3B – Open Solo Claire Yuh Diabelli: Bagatelle Op.125 #10
    4 3C – Open Solo Group 3 Christopher Sun Burgmuller: Op.100 #15 Ballade
    5 3D – Open Solo Michael Yang Faber: Waltz Macabre
    6 Open Duet Romantic Intermediate Michael Yang & Jennifer Yang von Weber : Sonatina in C Major
    7 Treasury of Baroque Composers Intermediate Sean Shao Bach: Little Preludes BWV 936 in D Major
    8 Treasury of Classical Composers Intermediate Aaron Truong Beethoven: Rondo (2nd mvt) in G Major from Sonata Op.49 #1 in G Minor
    9 Treasury of Romantic Composers Intermediate Andrew Truong Chopin: Prelude Op.28 #15 in D Flat Major
    10 Open Duet Contemporary Intermediate Justin Wang & Ethan Wang Arensky : Op.34 #2 The Cuckoo
    11 Treasury of Contemporary Composers Intermediate Kevin Li(performed in Concert 3) Rebikov: Dancing Demons
    12 Treasury of USA Composers Intermediate Emiko Rohn Starer: Dreams Of Glory
    13 Treasury of Chinese Composers Intermediate Sabrina Ning Chen 陳: The Street Merchant 卖杂货 in B Minor
    14 Open Duet Classical Intermediate Harriet Gensler & Annabel Gensler Beethoven : Allegro molto (1st mvt) Sonata Op.6 in D Major
    15 Showcase Piano Solo Junior Vivian Wang Schumann: Fantasiestucke Op.12
    16 Instrumental Solo Intermediate Jonas Koh Abe: Marimba d’amore
    17 Open Duet Contemporary Senior Maya Allwardt & Beatrice Pang Ibert : The Little White Donkey
    18 Open Piano Concerto Junior Lily Wang Haydn: Allegro assai (3rd mvt) from Concerto Hob.XVIII:11 in D
    19 Showcase Piano Solo Intermediate Leslie Jin Haydn Sonata in E Flat Major, No. 59, 1st Movement
    20 Instrumental Ensemble Intermediate String Trio Dustin Breshears (Violin), Starla Breshears (Cello), Valery Breshears (Violin) Haydn: Allegro, Adagio and Allegro from Divertimento #2 Hob.IV:7 in G Majo

      Saturday, February 20, 2016 – CONCERT 3

    1 Showcase Piano Duet/Ensemble Senior Intermediate-Senior Jonathan Chen & Nelson He Mozart: Adagio-Allegro di molto from Sonata KV 497 in F Major
    2 6A – Open Solo Jennifer Yang Bach: Gigue from Partita I, BWV 825
    2a Treasury of Contemporary Composers Intermediate Kevin Li Rebikov: Dancing Demons
    3 6B – Open Solo Nichole Wang Mozart: Fantasie K.397
    4 6C – Open Solo Michael Wierenga Liszt: Consolation #3, S.172:3
    5 6D – Open Solo Sophia Shi Prokofiev: Op.32 #3 Gavotte
    6 Showcase Piano Duo/Ensemble Intermediate Andrew Luu & Charisse Vu Lutoslawski: Allegro from Variations on a Theme by Paganini
    7 Instrumental Solo Intermediate Christine J. Lee Wieniawski: Allegro con fuoco from Concerto Op.22 #2 in D Minor
    8 Treasury of Baroque Composers Senior Victoria Miao Bach: English Suite #3 BWV 808, Prelude in G Minor
    9 Treasury of Classical Composers Senior Jessica Zhu Haydn: Moderato (1st mvt) from Sonata Hob.XVI:36 in C# Minor
    10 Treasury of Romantic Composers Senior Yuzu Ido Brahms: Op.79 #1 Rhapsody in B Minor
    11 Showcase Piano Duo/Ensemble Senior Karina Santoso & Tong Wu Lutoslawski: Allegro Capriccioso from “Variations on Theme by Paganini”
    12 Open Piano Concerto Intermediate Karina Tseng zart: Allegro (1st mvt) from Concerto #23 K.488 in A Major

      Saturday, February 20, 2016 – CONCERT 4

    1 Instrumental Solo Intermediate Jaime An Bloch: Schelomo Rhapsodie Hebraique
    2 Open Duet Classical Senior Alex Ren & Ethan Yu Beethoven : Marcia I & II
    3 Treasury of Contemporary Composers Senior Chris Hailey Antheil: Toccata #2
    4 Treasury of USA Composers Senior Serena Zhang Bolcom: The Eternal Feminine
    5 Treasury of Chinese Composers Senior Shuhui Mao Wang ?: Liuyang River??? in A Major
    6 Open Piano Concerto Senior Fangsui Yang ethoven Allegro con brio(1st mvt) from Concerto #1 Op.15 in C
    7 Instrumental Solo Senior Brian Jeong orak: Allegro from Cello Concerto Op.104 in B Minor
    8 8A – Open Solo Nathaniel Zhang Bach: Allegro from Italian Concerto BWV 971 in F Major
    9 8B – Open Solo Andrew Gao Beethoven: Adagio cantabile in A Flat Major from Sonata Op.13 in C Minor
    10 8C – Open Solo Nathan Parque Mendelssohn: Andante and Rondo Capriccioso, Op.14
    11 8D – Open Solo Justin Lee Khachaturian: Toccata
    12 Open Duet Romantic Senior Senior/Advanced Serena Zhang & Stella He Bizet : Op.22 Jeux d’enfants # 9 Nocturne & # 4 Scherzo
    13 Treasury of Romantic Composers Advanced Vanessa Jan Chopin: Etude Op.10 #5 in G Flat Major
    14 Open Piano Concerto Advanced Lin Zhu Prokofiev: Andante-allegro (1st mvt) from Concerto #3 Op.26 in C Major

      Saturday, February 20, 2015 – CONCERT 5

    1 Open Duet Contemporary Advanced Liberty Forster & Tiffany Chen Faure : Op.56 #2 Mi-A-Ou & #6 The Spanish Dance Step
    2 Showcase Piano Solo Senior Arie Chen hopin: Grave-Doppiofrom (1st mvt) from Sonata Op.35 in B Flat Minor
    3 Treasury of Baroque Composers Advanced Katherine Miao Bach: Partita II BWV 826, Rondeaux & Capriccio in C Minor
    4 Treasury of Classical Composers Advanced Michael Wierenga Beethoven: Rondo (3rd mvt) from Sonata Op.53 in C Major
    5 Treasury of Contemporary Composers Advanced Kathleen Cheng Scriabin: Etude Op.8 #10 in D Flat Major
    6 Instrumental Solo Senior Elvin Hsieh Tchaikovsky: Finale: Allegro vivacissimo from Violin Concerto Op.35 in D Major
    7 Showcase Piano Solo Senior Senior-Advanced Arthur Chen Bolcom: Serpent’s Kiss
    8 Open Own Composition Talon Smith Talon Smith: Moderato pastorale from Sonata in A-Flat Minor
    9 Instrumental Ensemble Senior Piano Trio Andrew Kang (Piano), Eunha Kim (Violin), Min Chul Cho (Cello) Mendelssohn: Molto allegro ed agitato from Trio Op.49 in D Minor

    * Contestant Not Able To Perform

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